Tuesday, February 23, 2010

7 Secrets to Happiness Exclusive Interview Wed 11am

Hey Everyone,

I just got word from Natalie Ledwell @ 7 Secrets to Happiness headquarters telling me that she's being joined by legendary Loral Langemeier on a..

LIVE Teleseminar ..at 11am PST TODAY..
..where they'll be exchanging success principles and answering questions like..

- What happens when you have a negative thought?

- What to do when your partner is not onboard with the Law of Attraction?

- Why wouldn't you just start at Step 3...Action?

- When you try to use LOA to attract a specific person why doesn't it work?

- Can I focus on multiple goals or just focus on 1 at a time?

- Where do you start when you've lost everything...health, business, job, money?

[Register for this mind blowing event HERE]


Don't worry if you can't make it LIVE, you'll be sent the recording of the call soon after.
I'm sure you've heard of Loral...She's an expert in the personal development and money making arena.
She's a multi-milllion dollar New York Times bestselling author, a leading entrepreneurial speaker, a pioneering money expert and one of the stars from the movie The Secret...And these are just a few of the feathers in her cap.

Apparently when Natalie mentioned to Loral that she was holding a teleseminar to answer the tough questions that have come up in the 3000 blog comments on her blog this week..

Loral offered to be a part the telesminar to offer her invaluable advice too.  Can you honestly think of anyone else more qualified to give advice, especially on money and success, than Loral?

She's one of those woman that I see everywhere.. always on different tv shows, on the radio, launching new

books..So for her to be able to spend an hour with Natalie is amazing.

So if you'd like to be a part of his exclusive 'one-off' live chat between Loral Langemeier and Natalie Ledwell. 

[Simply Register here]

Remember, if you can't make it LIVE, you'll be sent  the recording of the call soon after.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Put more cash into your pocket

One of my favorite past-times is to go to the library with my daughter.  We do this a couple times a month usually.  While on one of our jaunts I happened to find "Put more CASH in your Pocket" by Loral Langemeier on the new release section.

I primarily read business education & success motivation books.  This genre has always facinated me, even before I became an entrepreneur & needed to keep up to date.  I found this to be an easy & delightful read.  It's premise is "Turn what you know into Dough."  The book gives advice & ideas on how to build a buisiness out of something you may already be doing, have expertise in, or simply enjoy.

On the outset it does sound like it could be lucrative for the general public to start their own side business this way.  Being the owner of two businesses myself I can see the pitfalls that this advice could bring. 

In chapter one the author writes "My guess is that you know deep down, you have always known, that you have a bigger life inside of you, bursting to break free.  You also know that if you make your life bigger, you can have a bigger impact on your family, your friends, and this planet.  If you focus on making more money, new money, you can give yourself, your family, and maybe even your friends, an easier life.  And you can be an inpiration to others to do the same."

This quote struck me because this is exactly what I encourage others to consider in my networking business.  The main difference is that starting up a brand new business takes a lot of effort, and most people do not have the skills or time currently as employees to run & build it successfully.  This is why I love the opportunity of a home based business with Send Out Cards so much. 

There is a system in place, it is tried & tested, and you have the support of others.  You are not on your own trying to figure things out as you go.  The other wonderful thing about being in a network team is that when one benefits, everyone benefits.  Having recurring & residual income is something that I don't think any side business can offer.

Loral Langemeier does know her stuff, don't get me wrong.  It is just this readers hope that in the next book she touches on the validity of a networking business as an alternative to bringing in income.