Monday, April 18, 2011

Improving The Future

Successful people are always people with foresight. It is imperative for us to
understand this and improve our lives not just for today, but also for the future.
Let us analyze The Secret’s approach to this.

Imagine a world where every person was using the Secret to follow their bliss – a
world where every person was fulfilling their purpose, reaching out to help
others, and allowing the will of God to flow through them to create miracles.
Chances are it would look a lot like heaven. Every person safe. Every person
holding everything they need.

You might want a huge house on the hill. Another person might feel abundant, at
ease, and happy with a small, quiet, rural cottage. There is no need to fear
competition, no need to imagine that you must profit at anyone else’s expense.
You must attract the situations that will allow you to profit at everyone’s benefit.

Does the world have to be a dark place, full of wars, full of abuse, full of pain, full
of madness? Are we somehow special, just able to ignore our way into good
things by focusing on the positive?

No. Until others are ready to move forward it is our responsibility to make our
thoughts create positive change. It is our responsibility to take the actions and be
receptive to the ideas that are going to make the whole of the world grow.

Bless others! Show gratitude for all of the ways the world has moved forward.
Once people believed slavery was perfectly normal. Now, even though there are
people who practice slavery illicitly, we all generally understand it is wrong. Even
those who engage in slavery understand it to be wrong. That all began with the
thoughts of those who believed things should be better.

We all have the ability to move forward in this fashion. We cannot fear the way
the world is today. We cannot sit back and hope for some bright future that never
quite arrives. We must work together to create heaven on earth now. We have all
the tools we need.

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Nancy James
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Apply the Secret to Internet Marketing

When you set out to make money on the Internet, you are going to play in a very
equalized pool. Everybody goes to the same internet. Everybody gets the same
Google, the same Facebook, the same Squidoo. Any two people can find the same
forums and the same article directories. At any given time there are hundreds of
thousands of people from all over the world that can make you a success:
potential customers, mentors, and business partners.
It is all there. You just have to find it or use it correctly.

Yet 99% of all internet businesses fail. In spite of having little or no start up
costs, in spite of having little or no overhead, the businesses do not turn out the
sorts of results that people had hoped for, and so they give up. They go on to
something else. They decide it doesn’t work. They go out skeptical and they leave
certain: certain that only scammers and the very lucky make money from home
on the internet.

Yet there are hundreds of thousands of people who are making money on the
internet, making good money. They follow high ethical standards. They provide
real products of real value. They live the kinds of lives they want to live.
This is why the Secret applies to internet marketing so strongly. If you believe in
yourself and what you are doing, you won’t throw in the towel when traffic to
your site isn’t what you’d envisioned. You’ll figure out how to make it better.
You won’t balk at the sudden writer’s block you get when trying to make a solid
forum post to help get your name out there—you’ll learn ways to beat the block.
You won’t make a slipshod effort that looks slipshod and feels slipshod and
produces few, if any, results.

You’ll learn what works and you’ll apply what
works. You’ll do what you love and love what you’re doing because that is what
you set out to do, and through the Secret you understand that every resource you
need to make it happen is in the Universe generally and there on the internet with
you in particular. You’ll constantly be thinking hey, I’m as capable as the next
guy, if he could pick up the skills so can I. You’ll pick up the skills and you’ll keep
right on going.

There is a time delay between each component of the Secret: your thoughts and
decisions, then your actions, and then the results of your actions. You might not
wake up today with thousands of site visitors. Your efforts today might not
produce immediate results. Quit training yourself to the immediate result. Acting
like you already have what you want gives you the strength and power you need
to keep taking the actions that will get you there. Acting like what you want is
always in the future will place your actions in a different place: in a place where
they are not getting done and you are reading worthless emails to distract
yourself instead.

"Meaningful Marketing Matters"
Nancy James
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Wealth Manifestation through the Law of Attraction

The five steps you need in order to manifest wealth applying the Law.

Here are the five things you need to do in order to manifest the wealth that you
are expecting through the Law of Attraction.

The first step is to ingrain the thought of wealth in your subconscious. You have
to think staunchly that you will be able to attain the large amount of wealth that
you are hoping for.

It is very important to actually visualize the wealth. You have to think that the
wealth is already in your bank account and now what you will do with it. Begin
thinking as if you are planning what to do with the money. You don’t have it
already, but that’s not the point. The Law of Attraction tells that you have to be
strong in your belief, and visualization is the best way to do that.

Be Grateful
Taking your belief one step forward, you must actually start thanking the
universe for granting the wealth to you. Well, it has not already granted you the
wealth, but you have no aspersions at all about that happening. You are darned
sure that you will get the wealth and so being grateful is the next logical thing.

Listen to Your Heart
Your heart will tell you a lot of things at this point. It will tell you to do particular
things. Do not stifle any of these “voices”. Listen to them intently. Act upon them.
You have to make sure that you listen to every voice because any of them could be
the one voice that opens the doors of opportunity to you.

Continue Your Actions
Never give up, never relent. Remember that stopping is a sign of weakness. You
don’t want the universe to understand that your belief is faltering. You want it to
know that you will keep up no matter what. Sooner or later, your supreme
confidence is going to bring the wealth at your door.

"Meaningful Marketing Matters"
Nancy James
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Secret and Your Money

Life revolves around money so it cannot fail to be part of a discussion as
poignant as how to apply The Secret in our life. Here we take a cynical look at
money and see where it fits in within this realm.

The Secret can bring you money, but it is not about money. It is certainly not
about empty, proud, cold, wealth that stems out of the greed mindset. This is
about fulfilling your purpose, which is expressed in your deepest, most treasured
dreams. The dream of your heart is your purpose on earth.

Our society tends to make us jump right to careers when we hear that, but it
might not be a career at all. Your passion may be to parent your child. Your
passion may be to be the best friend you can possibly be. Your passion may be to
give enough that 1,000 new wells get built in parts of the world that currently
have none.

None of these things can happen without money.
Money starts companies. Money builds bridges and roads. Money brings the
security and freedom a parent needs to focus on parenting. Money brings the
resources for philanthropy.

If you fall into the trap of believing that money is evil, then only evil people will
have money. Do we really want our beliefs to ensure that only pimps, drug
dealers, war mongers, and cheats enjoy abundance while the good people of the
world struggle? Of course not! That would be silly.

Yet if money is all that you focus on, money will always elude you. For one thing,
we tend to store a lot of mental garbage when it comes to money. We tend to
have a lot of fears about money. Fear is always counterproductive.
Bypass money entirely. It’s not important here. It’s necessary, but it’s not all that
important to you.

Joseph Campbell said, “If you follow your bliss, the money will follow.” Get
settled with the idea that you need money to achieve your dreams and that there’s
nothing wrong with that. Then ignore it. Turn your attention to your bliss. That
is where the Secret will begin to work for you. That is where your emotions will
supercharge your thoughts into the change you need.

"Meaningful Marketing Matters"
Nancy James
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Pivoting Your Thought Process

So how do you go about developing the kind of thought process, where you
think you are the center of the universe and everything just exists in your frame
of reference?

In order to create the subjective thought process that the Law of Attraction
demands of you, it is very important that you create the right frame of reference.
You have to be like the person seeing everything in a dream. Your perceived
reality is actually the things that are happening in your frame of reference, which
is just another name for your consciousness. But, you need to put a finger on this
consciousness. You need to anchor it. This aspect – anchoring your conscious
mind – is known as pivoting your thought process.

When you begin pivoting your thought process, the primary requirement is to
have a fixed point from where you can begin. Usually, this fixed point is your
resolve, your intention, your motive, your purpose. For example, if you really
need to start a business, your resolution to do that is your pivot. The stronger you
resolve to achieve that, the more profound your pivot will be. That is why people
who have stronger resolutions are able to achieve better things than people who
don’t have a very strong mindset to achieve something.

If you consider your desire as your pivot and see everything from that
perspective, everything begins falling into place. You feel as though everything
that’s happening is happening as a means of bringing you closer to your desire. In
the above instance, if your desire to start a business is your pivot, then you feel as
though everything happening in your life is taking you one step closer toward
realizing your dreams. This includes the positives as well as negatives. If you
suddenly meet someone, you feel that somehow that will be connected with your
new business, which isn’t yet started but you have no apprehensions in your mind
about it. You also feel that your getting fired from your desk job was something
that will take you closer to having your own business.

People who believe in the Law of Attraction staunchly build such pivots in their
minds. Then on, their entire life is focused on this pivot. This is what drives them
and motivates them into coming closer to their goals.

"Meaningful Marketing Matters"
Nancy James
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Mindset, Management, and The Secret

Personal development is extremely crucial to Internet marketing. If you want
to build your business, believe in your business!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you staring at a long list of tasks and new
terminology, from SEO to social media? Is some nagging voice in the back
of your head trying to tell you, as you stare at the world wide web, that this is not
your Grandfather’s way of making money, so how true could it be?
Well, you’re right about part of it, this isn’t your Grandfather’s way.

This is your way, and it’s going to be fantastic!

Every journey, it is said, begins at the first step. Your first step is to work on you.
Before you buy hosting, before you load up your web page, before you build your
list, you have to know how to get your head in the game and how to keep it there.
You’re taking a leap of faith into a vast, wild territory that changes every single
day. You’re one drop in a shifting sea. In order to stand out, you need confidence.
You need personal development.
You need to apply the Secret.

The Secret is just this: everything begins with a thought. Thoughts lead to
actions, which leads to the results of those actions made manifest in your life.

The Orville brothers had a thought about a flying machine. They took the action
of sitting down to design their machine and then going out to test it. They
manifested the ability for you to go to an airport and be anywhere in the whole
world in a matter of hours.  And you thought you were sailing uncharted waters!

Thoughts like, “I can’t do this,” “this won’t work,” “well, I’ll give it a shot, but if it
doesn’t work out I guess I’ve got my day job to fall back on,” lead only to two
kinds of actions. Inaction or inefficient action.

Either you talk yourself out of starting, or you spin your wheels reading email
after email and surfing website after website without ever really getting your feet
wet. As a result, your life fails to manifest a working internet business that gives
you the freedom you really want.

Compare this to positive, super charged thoughts like: “Nothing’s going to stop
me. I have every tool I need. Other people have done this and so can I. I’m
totally committed. I won’t hold back. I’ve got a plan.”

Thoughts like this lead to you taking appropriate action. You create that product.
You build that list. You stop fretting over the technicalities and the “can’t do” and
get creative about the “can do.” You start outsourcing anything you can’t deal
with on your own. You keep learning. You polish up your management skills and
you keep your mind in the right place—and little by little, your small efforts turn
into something much bigger: the manifestation of a new life.

"Meaningful Marketing Matters"
Nancy James
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Understanding The Secret

Have you read or watched "The Secret"?

This is the Secret: thoughts create things.
What things make up your life? Are they things you love or things you’d rather
change? Do you often feel that you’d be happy “if only?” “If only” you had that
job, “if only” you had that amount of money, “if only” you had that perfect body.
Or perhaps “someday” wonderful things are coming your way, but they haven’t
happened yet.

Once you master the Secret you will never make the mistake of feeling that way
again.  That’s right! It’s a mistake!

Your thoughts have been creating the life you’ve had so far. And thoughts can be
changed.  Thoughts of success, abundance, happiness, beauty, strength, and health energize
us. We begin to resonate with these things. We take positive, fruitful action which
feels effortless. We attract people who are willing to open up doors, people who
can teach us what we need to know, people with the resources we need.

This is called The Law of Attraction. The Secret is nothing less than the science of
how thought interacts with quantum physics to create our experiences. You don’t
even have to understand it. You just have to do it.

Try it out today. Start small. Start with something that you won’t talk yourself out of.
Do you want a great relationship with your boss? Sit down. Picture what that
looks like. Picture it in every intimate detail. What does it feel like? Feel those
feelings. Be thankful today that you have such a great relationship with your boss.
Then claim it. Begin acting as a great relationship with your boss is how it is,
always has been, and always will be. Pretend if you have to. Smile. Speak with the
confidence someone with a great relationship with his boss has.
Watch what happens. Then prepare to be excited.

"Meaningful Marketing Matters"
Nancy James
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