Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do you have a grand vision for your business?

Are you awake and aware?

Albert Einstein was without question one of the
most brilliant minds who has ever lived,
wouldn't you agree?

It's hardly a controversial thought--but taking his
vision a step further into a powerful but invisible
way to build your business just might be.

Today you're invited to watch this short
video and see what YOU think.

[Controversy Or Brilliance?]

You see Einstein said..."Your imagination is your
preview of life's coming attractions."

Think about that for a minute and exactly how this
connects the dots to the success of your business
or career. Because according to the genius of
can imagine in your mind's eye--can be the
foreshadowing of exactly what will happen in your life.

Keep this in mind as I tell you the story of an extremely
successful entrepreneur, who dared to "imagine"
something right into reality in his own life.

I have to admit this might sound a little bit
weird--but it's absolutely worth your
time and attention.

The man is John Assaraf, a well-known businessman
and participant in the movie The Secret. You might
share a common misconception that The Secret was
all about genies in bottles and wishing your way
to a new gold necklace.

If that's your take on it, you've really missed the most
important underlying message John brought to that endeavor.

You see, John has researched the actual neuroscience
behind the Law of Attraction and how visualizations
can become a powerful conduit to anything you want
to achieve in life.

And I can assure you it has absolutely
nothing to do with fantasy or make-believe.

[How To Achieve More]

At one point in his life, John left his comfortable life
in Indiana, packed up his family, and relocated to
Canada. They lived there for about three years,
while their belongings sat silently in storage.

Eventually John and his family moved to Southern
California, to a sumptuous home that could grace
the pages of any high-end home design magazine.

And that's where this gets pretty interesting.

A long time believer in vision boards, John had
been creating them for himself for years, with
topics ranging from nice cars, to wealth, to
charitable giving, to an extremely modern
home he wanted to live in someday.

He'd created the vision boards, which eventually
were packed into the stored belongings. That is
until it was time to unpack the boxes at their
new California home.

I'll let John tell you the rest of the story--it's actually
quite incredible, especially since the proof is there
for you to see that what he experienced is real.

But it's more than just a fascinating story--it's a
stunning example of what is possible when you
truly understand the science of how your brain
works in conjunction with the energy of the
universe to create your reality.

It doesn't cost you anything but a few minutes
of your time to watch this short video--but you
certainly stand to gain a lot if you'll stop to
consider the long-range implications of the
natural born ability we ALL have to create
your most perfect life.

[Create Your Best Life Yet Just Like This]

After all, if it was true enough for Einstein to
proclaim--who are we to discount the science
of visualization?

Take a look--you've got nothing to lose
except your skepticism.

To your success,


P.S. Your brain keeps you alive, triggers inspiration,
and allows you to navigate your way through the
world every single day.

The thing is, there's even more inner power hidden
away that you probably haven't accessed yet.

This is as real as it gets, and if you're smart, you'll
take this very seriously indeed.

[The Real Bottom Line For Your Business]

Controversy or Brilliance? You Decide.

I'm about to share a story with you--one that could
change the face of your business.

At first you may be tempted to say, "Does this
really matter?"And the answer is a resounding YES.

The fast version of this is right here...

[Here's Why This Matters To Your Business]

On the surface, this is the story of a man who
ended up living in a fabulous multi-million
dollar designer home through some rather
unusual circumstances.

But it truly is so much more than that.

The man is someone you may have heard of
before--Mr. John Assaraf. While he's well known
for his part in the blockbuster film The Secret,
John is also both an inspiring motivator and
an extremely successful entrepreneur.

Which brings us to the first point to ponder--can
someone who is a tough as nails business man
or woman also get behind the concept of manifesting
what you want into your life AND your business?

John is proof positive that this is entirely possible--and
if you're as tuned into your business as I think you are,
you'll soon realize this is actually an extremely crucial
element to moving your business past "striving for
success" to "thriving IN success".

My second point today is this--where is your success hiding?

Here's a hint: it's in plain sight--much closer than
you may have thought--and entirely within your grasp to
grow to massive proportions.

I'm not trying to be mysterious here, but you really
need to open your mind and watch this video very carefully...

[Where Success Hides]

Even if you are pretty happy with how your business
is doing, or you're working in a career that's doing
well--you might still worry about what's coming
tomorrow--or how you'll continue to prosper.

Or maybe you just feel that there's more to be done--more
you could achieve--and quite frankly more you deserve
for all the effort and hard work you put forth day in and day out.

The question is--how to get there. Is it all about
super fantastic joint venture partners? More
capital? A bigger idea? A better job?

Maybe. But NONE of these things matter one
single bit if you don't have THIS going for you first...

[The Secret To All Successful Businesses]

And I don't mean just a little bit successful--I mean
breaking through all the barriers and rising to
the heights of what is possible for you.

In business it's important to proceed with your eyes
wide open, and to understand the practical realities of life.

Agreed? Good. And this is all part of that journey
to success--because everything John discusses
in this revealing video is based in REAL science,
physics, and the unchangeable laws that govern
every square inch of our physical world.

If you truly want to have the leg up over your
competition--watch this video.

To your success,


P.S. If you honestly believe your success is 100%
dependent on backbreaking work and grim
determination, this might challenge your thinking
a bit.

On the other hand, if you agree that there's more
to life than meets the eye--this will expand
your thinking even further.

[The Grand Vision For Your Business]

Friday, March 25, 2011

Are you living your truest life?

I'm not trying to be nasty...

No, not at all.  But, I do firmly believe that every now and again
it's important and therapeutic to refresh your mind with some
simple, yet powerful 'truths.'

So I'd you to take a few precious minutes and ponder on these...

1. What you think about has a tremendous effect on your life
2. If your head is buzzing with negative thoughts and
images, your life will follow your lead (and that sucks!)
3. If you keep positive energy flowing, you'll likely have
a LOT of positive things come into your life (and that ROCKS!)
4. It's not too late to have a happy childhood--or a
fabulous future!
5. Watching this video will put you on the road to
fulfilling your destiny...

[Get On Track Today--Watch This!]

...Because today I'm happy to invite you to a "fireside chat" with
one of the most motivational people you'll ever encounter--John Assaraf.

You may remember John from The Secret--he was one
of the key people in that life- altering event.
But if you haven't had the good fortune to hear from him
directly, this is a day that could be a turning point in your

I promise you'll be bombarded with messages that sink deeply
into your subconscious--that help you understand that your
thoughts and attitude are everything--that little things
DO matter--that habits are more powerful than you may
have realized--and everything can begin to turn around for
you with some very small but important steps.

If you've been milling around reading tons of self-help books
with little results--or spending a lot of time feeling frustrated
by your inability to clearly focus on what really matters in life,
then I urge you to please quit wasting your time!

Just take a few minutes and do THIS instead...

[Listen To John--Then DO What He Suggests]

You'll even get to hear the incredible true story from 'The Secret'
of how John's visualizations shocked him by delivering the dream
home he'd imagined years before.

And it happened so easily he didn't even realize it was
the exact same home he had on his vision board he'd
made years before!

Frankly there is a ton of valuable content in this video--enough
for you to take the ball and run with it by implementing a few
simple steps that only take a few minutes a day.

Life is far too short to settle for trudging along
in a fog of discontent or unhappiness.
As a matter of fact, even if things are going pretty well for
you--there is so much more waiting for you!

The Universe is abundant beyond our comprehension--and
the power you have to open the door to this limitless resource
of joy and prosperity is available to you and anyone else who
truly wants it.
It's miraculous really--and so confirming.

The problem is, it's so darned easy to get stuck in some kind of
preprogrammed expectation that you have to settle for whatever
comes your way. That simply isn't true--YOU can determine
your destiny and John will prove it to you right now.

Take a moment to sit quietly, watch this video, and
finally discover the transformational power you
have within.

To your success,

P.S. As I'm sure you can understand, all we really have is

It's your choice what you do with each moment of your
life--so why not choose this moment as a time of
inspiration, confirmation, and even transformation?

Just watch the video and you'll see.
[Use The Moment--Now Is The Time]

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What THEY all know that you don't.

I might be going out on a limb to tell you this
but here goes...

Ever wonder how THEY have done it? How
everything THEY touch seems to turn to gold? How
THEY manage to rake in millions year after year, even
if they might be flying under the radar or are
someone without the big name?

Maybe THEY have done this long enough and now
it's YOUR turn. What do you think? The only way
to do that is to figure out...

[The Secret Formula THEY Use To Make Millions]

I'm talking about everybody from the obnoxious
Trumpster to rebel bazillionaire Richard Branson to
that Tom guy who makes canvas shoes and gives
them away in Third World countries.

And a whole bunch of other marketers who
continually enjoy a steady stream of revenue
into their bank accounts.

They ALL have one thing in common:

They deeply understand the essential ingredient of
mindset and mind POWER in building phenomenal

And right this very minute, YOU can understand
it too, just by watching this short video

[How To Leverage The Power Of Your Mind For Success]?

I don't care if you're still trying to crack your first
six figures--or you've got your sites set on multiple
SEVEN figures--it's all the same when it comes to
how you think about your success.

Honestly, there was a time I would have been first
in line to laugh this off or call it some kind of junk
science...But I'm here to tell you...

I was wrong. The more I've studied this, and
more importantly, the more I've EXPERIENCED this
for myself--the more I understand this is absolutely real.

In fact, this whole concept is grounded in science--the
very same science that uses invisible energy to
let you communicate with the flick of a mouse, or
the tap of a key, or even turn on a freaking light
bulb for that matter.

The only limitation on this universal science and
energy thing is the limitation you put on yourself--and
on your thinking.

I'm probably bumbling this badly trying to explain
it--after all I'm a successful marketer not a scientist.

But these guys spell it all out for you in a way that
is very easy to understand, and impossible to ignore...

[The Science Of Success Made Simple]

I've come a long way financially and emotionally from
my early days online. And like I said, once upon a time
I would have laughed this off as some kind of smoke
and mirrors fad or something.

Take it from someone who has been there--do NOT
make the mistake of writing this off or ignoring how
important this is to your business.

It just might be the biggest financial mistake of your
life. Instead, take a few minutes, keep an open mind, and...

[WATCH This Video]

Because if you're serious about breaking through
whatever has been holding you back from the ultimate
financial reward you've been striving for--you need
to "get" this and you need to do it now.

Talk to you again soon,


P.S. It's a sad fact of life that most of us have been
programmed for something less than our highest

And that pretty much sucks, wouldn't you agree? The
good news is there IS a way to turn that around and
RE-program your brain for optimum achievement.

So take a minute to check this out...

[How To Re-Program Your Way To Big Money]

The 3 things you MUST do to manifest your dreams

You've got to be kidding right?

I mean I've always known it works
but to have someone lay it out
and explain it so simply and in such detail is
just... well... plain SHOCKING!

Why? Because it makes me think 'why have I not
been doing this ALL my life?!'

[Dream Your Future Into Reality]

Let me explain...

I just watched a video that pieced together everything to do
with successful visualization...And now,
I'm giving you a virtual "front row
seat" to watch it too. You'll hear from none other than
one of the stars of The Secret, John Assaraf.

This is a rare chance to hear from him directly
- which is exciting because John has broken
down all the components for achieving the
highest level of success with visualization so
YOU can do it too.

Not only that, he explains the neuroscience
that is the foundation for the Law of Attraction
and how Universal energy works on your
behalf to deliver your deepest desires into your life.

The first thing you need to realize is this absolute truth:

What you think is what you BECOME!

It's true--but don't freak out if you've been
mired down in thinking a lot of negative
thoughts, because you really do have the
inner power to change your reality.

And it doesn't have to take years and years
either--in fact it can happen very quickly
when you do this...

[Do This--Feel Your Inner Power--Change Your Life

Even if you're just getting started, if
you'll follow the simple instructions
John gives on this video, here's
what can happen.

You will...
**Dissolve the barriers that have been
blocking your full potential

**Experience lasting and meaningful change,
maybe for the very first time

**Finally understand you truly DO have the
inner power to change your life

**Deeply absorb visualization strategies
that are incredibly powerful

**Transform your life from "average" to
extraordinary sooner rather than later!

So please don't delay. Watch the video!

[Watch the John Assaraf Video Now]

The thing you should be really excited about
is how REAL this is. I mean, it's actually
proven by science, as John will explain.

Don't worry, he makes it very easy to
understand, and it just makes sense.

You'll see what I mean as soon as you begin
watching. And then get busy and DO what you
learn today!

The sooner you get started, the faster
your visualizations will begin to materialize for you.

Talk again soon,

P.S. If you find yourself spending more time
worrying than being thankful and feeling
good--you really need this.

How you see yourself and the events of your
life can either move you away from what you
want--or TOWARDS what you want.

You have the power to determine that--you
just need to understand how easily you can access it.

[Access Your Inner Power With John Today]

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Want to make more? Do this.

Coming from a tried and true, "bad to the bone" marketer
this message may surprise you a little bit.

And don't worry--I'm not going all soft and
mushy on you.

But there really IS something to all this--in fact
it's based on proven science you really can't
argue with.

You'll see what I mean in this short video...

[This Is Where Science Meets Mind Power]

Let me explain why this is something I take
very seriously.

First of all, Ryan, the interviewer in the video, used
to be $70K in debt. Frankly, there are probably
a lot of us who have had a similar problem.

Or it could be you actually have a problem even
bigger than this right now.

Either way, once he figured out the so-called
"mental game" behind success, he turned everything
around super fast. In fact, in just three short months
he'd paid off the whole darn mess.

So that's the first thing.

But the second thing, is the main guy he is interviewing
on the video is a man by the name of Bob Proctor.

Maybe you've heard of him. Whether you have or
haven't--you really should pay attention to what
he has to say, because it makes total sense.

It also shows how Bob raked in his FIRST million--and
then went on to build a hugely successful
empire from there.

[Find Out How He Did It Right Here]

Now before you chock all this up to some
"woo-woo" smoke and mirrors dog and
pony show, consider this.

1. Once upon a time they thought Samuel Morse
was a candidate for the loony bin when he insisted
people could communicate through a thin strand
of wire. He's the guy who invented the Morse
Code--but it took some pretty hefty persuasion
before anybody believed you could send some
kind of invisible energy "out there" and have
something powerful happen.

2. Then there was Marconi, the Italian inventor
responsible for inventing the wireless radio telegraph
system. Imagine what they thought about him way
back in 1844 when he insisted you could communicate
through time and space by the power of invisible energy.

Not to get all "Mr. Science" on you here--but seriously
think about this. Because there really IS an invisible
force of energy at work all around us all the
time, right? Right.

I'm not very good at this--heck I bombed out of
science in school.

But Bob Proctor and another guy Bob Doyle explain all this and
more importantly, what it means to you NOW in terms
of building your business, much better than I ever could...
[The 2 Bob's Explain It All]
Before you write this off and think you don't have
time to watch this, listen up. This could make ALL
the difference between a so-so business--and one
that literally turns you into a millionaire at twice
the speed of light.

So set aside any doubts or preconceived notions
you might have, and do this one thing...

[WATCH the video!]

That's all--just watch it. Oh yeah, and then DO it.

I'll be back soon to see how you're doing.

To your success,


P.S. If you've ever wondered why your business
just hasn't taken off the way you thought it
would--or the way you fully believe it should--you
need to take a few minutes and just watch this video
and let it sink in.

[This Could Be The Answer You've Been Looking For]

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Secret Of Successful Visualizations...

I want to let you in on a little secret...

One of my biggest fears is being remembered as one of
those 'going to' people. You know the people that say they are
'going to do this' and 'going to do that' but never actually do anything.
Now although I do try and follow my passions, there have
been times where I just don't know the answer. 
And I'm not the only one.

Time and time again I hear from good people who are fed
up, frustrated, and just plain discouraged about their ability
to reliably manifest what they want in life.

Do you ever feel like that?

If so, you're not alone. And even if you've gotten your brain
wrapped around the concept of the Law of Attraction and
are whole-hearted in your manifesting efforts--you still may
have the nagging feeling you're not quite hitting with all cylinders.

That's why I'd suggest you take a few minutes to watch this...

[How To Multiply Your Manifesting Power]

For one thing, you'll hear from Bob Doyle from 'The Secret'
as he The Law of Attraction "101"...and how to use it in your
life NOW to manifest whatever it is you most desire. This
energizing chat simplifies visualization in a way I've never
seen before!

Then, you'll hear from none other than Bob
Proctor (another key speaker from The Secret.)

Bob has been at this a long time--decades in fact--and
he's pretty much got the whole visualization thing dialed in.

One of the things Bob talks about are some of the most
common misconceptions about visualization, and boy can
I relate. I remember when I first began exploring the Law
of Attraction. I pretty much made ALL of these mistakes!

For example...

1.You make some effort to practice visualizations for a few
days--but nothing happens. So you decide it's a waste of
time and stop. And guess what? Nothing happens. Duh.

2. You think you have to spend hours every day intensely focused
on the things you want most. You settle down in the Lazy Boy
and have at it--and you either fall asleep, get a pounding
headache, or start thinking about a problem you're having at
work. What a hassle--no wonder you've given up!

3. You've painstakingly glued a vision board together and
you stare at it every day. You don't want anyone to know
this, but you're bored. This whole activity is dull as dust and
you don't feel much of anything except distracted.

4. You're not completely sure visualization will work--so you
figure it's not worth trying unless you are 100% certain
something wonderful will happen.

In fact, you've perfected "why bother" into an art form. Any of
these things sound familiar? Well here's the good news...

[Bob's Got The Answers--And It Will Change Your Life]

Here's one of my favorite quotes from this video...

"Even if you don't believe in it--do it anyway.
My attitude is: if your way isn't working, try mine.
I'm doing alright.I'm healthy, happy, and I'm wealthy.
I earn more money in one hour than I used to in twenty years.
So I must know something. And I know that this works."
  ~Bob Proctor

I sincerely hope you find this as encouraging as I do--because
the thing is, even if you're not sure visualization will work for you
and result in successful manifesting--just do it! Give it a try
and see what happens.

But not for just a day or two--or even a week or two.

What you've got to do is make the commitment to spend a few
minutes on this every single day--and I do mean EVERY DAY!

Maybe even morning and night--but consistently make the

effort. Because according to Bob Proctor (and he should know!)
it's the REPETITION of your visualizations that add up
to a grand slam eventually.
He explains it all so clearly and much better than I ever could.

But it has to do with the repetition creating a new frequency--a
new vibration that then changes your actions--and then opens
the door to what you want being attracted into your life.

Make sense? You bet it does! And no worries about how to
wedge it into your schedule, because you don't have to spend
a lot of time on it either. Just a few minutes a day will do it IF
you do it the right way.

All you have to do is follow the simple strategies Bob Proctor and
Bob Doyle explain in this video. It's easy. And when you do,
here's what happens...
[You Become A Powerful Manifesting Magnet]

It's exciting and it's totally achievable with a very simple shift in
your thinking and actions--believe me, I've personally
experienced how powerful this is and it is truly the key to
creating your most perfect destiny.

I don't want to give away all the goods here--so just take a
minute and watch the video OK? In the next ten minutes
you could literally have the keys to the kingdom.

To your manifesting success,


P.S. Have you ever gotten so excited about something you
had a kind of tingle at the core of your being? Or you just
felt like every nerve ending was on high alert?

That's what happens when you experience strong emotions.

And here's a hint--those emotions have EVERYTHING to
do with creating successful visualizations. And now the
two Bob's are going to explain exactly how you can access that
fantastic energy to supercharge your visualizations.

[See It. Feel It. GET It Right Here]

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bob Proctor and Bob Doyle's message to you...

So here's the thing...

When I first started manifesting, in many ways, it was like
learning to ride my first push bike. There was some frustrating
stumbling, falling and failure. But as my dad use to say to me
'persistence is the key' ....and one day it just clicked.

If you've been trying as hard as you can to get it right--well,
that's your first problem (the TRY part!)

But the second thing is--it's really so much easier than you
think once you understand a few key elements to your
manifesting success.

And I'm happy to tell you none other than the 2 great
Bob's- Bob Proctor and Bob Doyle- have the answers for you!

[Bob Proctor and Bob Doyle Show You The Way]

You may remember the 2 Bob's from The Secret--and from the absolute
gold mine of knowledge they share all over the globe.

Now, Ryan Higgins from Mind Movies sits them down for
2 very revealing chats...

First, Bob Doyle explains the The Law of Attraction "101"...
and how to use it in your life NOW to manifest whatever it
is you most desire. This energizing chat simplifies visualization
in a way I've never seen before!

Then, Bob Proctor explains exactly where effective
visualization begins. He just has such a fantastic way of laying
it all out, I'm sure you'll get a whole new perspective that will
actually be very exciting for you.

In my opinion, this kind of conversation is way overdue when it
comes to the essentials and TRUTH about the Law of Attraction
and how it all works.

Because it's simply not just some flight of fancy or make-believe
exercise--the Universal and unchanging laws that make
EVERYTHING happen for you are grounded in science!

Now don't get nervous or anything--you don't have to be able
to unravel an equation or know a test tube from a Petrie dish--all
you have to do is step up to the plate and agree to make this a
habit you do every single day...

[Practice Makes Perfect--How To Manifest ANYTHING You Want]

The biggest mistake most people make with manifesting is
throwing in the towel when what you want doesn't materialize

Hey, it doesn't work like that! :-)

I mean, on the one hand, it works so darn fast it will make your
head spin--especially when you consider how hugely this can
transform your life forever. It DOES take some time, with a
dedication to visualizing what you truly want in your life every
single day.

But it doesn't have to be difficult or complicated, or even very
time consuming.

It just has to be done regularly like clockwork. When you do
that ONE thing, hold on to your hat--because some really
incredible, almost magical, things will start to happen in your life!

[Feels Like Magic But It's Real]

The magical part is so real, Ryan explains exactly how
he vaporized a whopping $70K in debt in only three
short months.

If you've got some financial "issues" you're really going to
want to watch this very closely--it could be the key that unlocks
the door to your best life yet.

So take a look--and get started doing exactly what the two Bob's say.
You'll find it just could be the missing piece of your manifesting puzzle.

And be sure to let me know how things are going for you OK?

To your manifesting success,


P.S. Have you ever thought about how you've been programmed
since you were a kid to accept whatever life hands you?
No offense, but that is the biggest load of horse puckie since
Columbus said the world was flat! You can truly RE-program
your thinking to attract the most astounding things into your life.

Just watch the video, OK?

[Bob Proctor and Bob Doyle Explain It All--RE-Program Your Thinking!]