Friday, April 15, 2011

Understanding The Secret

Have you read or watched "The Secret"?

This is the Secret: thoughts create things.
What things make up your life? Are they things you love or things you’d rather
change? Do you often feel that you’d be happy “if only?” “If only” you had that
job, “if only” you had that amount of money, “if only” you had that perfect body.
Or perhaps “someday” wonderful things are coming your way, but they haven’t
happened yet.

Once you master the Secret you will never make the mistake of feeling that way
again.  That’s right! It’s a mistake!

Your thoughts have been creating the life you’ve had so far. And thoughts can be
changed.  Thoughts of success, abundance, happiness, beauty, strength, and health energize
us. We begin to resonate with these things. We take positive, fruitful action which
feels effortless. We attract people who are willing to open up doors, people who
can teach us what we need to know, people with the resources we need.

This is called The Law of Attraction. The Secret is nothing less than the science of
how thought interacts with quantum physics to create our experiences. You don’t
even have to understand it. You just have to do it.

Try it out today. Start small. Start with something that you won’t talk yourself out of.
Do you want a great relationship with your boss? Sit down. Picture what that
looks like. Picture it in every intimate detail. What does it feel like? Feel those
feelings. Be thankful today that you have such a great relationship with your boss.
Then claim it. Begin acting as a great relationship with your boss is how it is,
always has been, and always will be. Pretend if you have to. Smile. Speak with the
confidence someone with a great relationship with his boss has.
Watch what happens. Then prepare to be excited.

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