Thursday, July 19, 2012

The dirty little secret we all try to hide

Even some of the most experienced business owners carry this dirty little secret: they hate to sell. It's ironic because selling and buying are what keep us in business. So why the disconnect? Here are a few of the usual culprits: ---> You don't want to be pushy- everyone has a horror story of a pushy salesperson and you certainly don't want to be lumped into that category --->You fear rejection. You make a great offer, someone says "No" and you walk away feeling an inch tall. Ouch. ---> You hate slipping into "sales mode". It doesn't feel natural and you hate yourself afterwards. What if selling could happen just by being YOU? What if your normal day to day actions sparked trust so sales flow effortlessly? What if you discovered your most persuasive tool was to simply engage with others? If you struggle with these dilemmas, you're not alone... the great news is there is a solution and it's so much easier than you think! My friend Nancy Marmolejo is a well known visibility expert for entrepreneurs. She teaches you how to turn your visibility into profitability - but she has a way of doing this that builds trust and lifelong clients. It's the fine art of ENGAGEMENT. To engage means "to occupy the attention or efforts of a person; to attract and hold fast; to attract and please". Imagine if your focus was NOT on prowling for prospects, but about creating emotionally connected engagement that turns followers into fans, fans into clients, and clients into repeat business year after year. For the first time ever Nancy is giving this topic its own stage in a very special virtual event- and I want you to be part of it as my guest... AT NO CHARGE. It's an all-new, powerful training series called "Engage and Persuade: The Effortless Path to Sales Success" and it starts very soon- August 6th! She's gathered 15 of the world's best engagement experts to deliver top-notch strategies in this comprehensive virtual training event. This is no dog and pony show, no fluffy pitch fest. Nancy is one of the most respected online entrepreneurs around who hand-picked the the best of the best to share their top strategies with you. Her faculty of experts will over-deliver so you can take immediate action that will increase your sales, decrease your stress, and uplevel your engagement! Engage and Persuade is filled with powerful strategies so you can: ATTRACT ideal clients, resources, referrals, and opportunities CONVERT prospects without force, coercion, manipulation or sneaky mind games RETAIN your existing clients so they buy from you again and again. Check out her expert faculty- these are authors, speakers, mentors, media personalities, master strategists, trainers, and top level experts in their fields. Nancy Marmolejo Adam Urbanski Kevin Nations Melissa Galt Michele PW Liz Lynch Linda Claire Puig Lou Bortone Amethyst Wyldfyre Lisa Marie Platske Danny Iny Carolyn Herfurth Tera McHugh Cathy Jennings Jennifer Jimenez Save your spot for this rare opportunity to learn about a subtle, authentic, but highly profitable business strategy. Get paid for being YOU- find out more on this page :

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